In Vitro Combination

In Vitro Combination Overview

Drug combination therapy has evolved into the standard treatment for complex diseases, such as AIDS and cancer. In comparison to single drug therapy, drug combination therapy offers several advantages:

  • Improved Therapeutic Effect: Combining drugs can enhance the overall treatment efficacy.
  • Reduced Dosing: Drug combinations can allow for the reduction of individual drug doses while achieving or maintaining the same level of efficacy, thus minimizing the risk of toxicity.
  • Resistance Management: Combining drugs can help overcome and slow down the development of drug resistance, a common challenge in disease treatment.
  • Selective Synergism: Drug combinations can be tailored to exploit synergistic interactions between specific medications.

Kyinno utilizes a standardized High-throughput screening (HTS) approach to analyze the phenotypic effects of thousands of drug combinations in preclinical model systems. In recent years, cutting-edge machine learning models have been employed to predict the sensitivity and synergy of drug combinations, alongside the development of more comprehensive reference models for measuring the combination index. Common reference models include Bliss independence, Loewe additivity, Zero interaction potency, and Highest single agent. The SynergyFinder tool is a primary resource used for the analysis of combination drug data.

All Drug Combination Services

In vivo combination studies offer insight into drug interactions facilitating profound insight into therapeutic dynamics, paving the way for enhanced medical research, optimizing patient care, and driving informed decision-making processes.
In vitro combination studies provide an in-depth analysis of cellular interactions. They illuminate drug synergy or antagonism, serving as an essential tool for crafting enhanced therapeutic strategies and optimized drug formulations.
Our AI-prediction platform excels in predicting drug responses, interactions, and potential outcomes. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we accelerate drug development, ensuring a more efficient and effective approach to the development of therapeutic strategies.