Fluorescence Labeled Cell Line

Fluorescence Labeled Cell Line Overview

Since 1992, when the original green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene was cloned, the availability of fluorescent tags has significantly expanded. A major advantage of fluorescent tags is their non-toxic nature, making them suitable for use in living cells. Although these tags are relatively large, they generally have minimal impact on most proteins. Fluorescent proteins can be utilized to observe cellular activity, label expressed proteins, conduct in-depth proteomic experiments, and more. Particularly in the field of cancer research, the introduction of fluorescent proteins enables scientists to observe specific activities of tumor cells, such as their growth, invasion, and metastasis.

Kyinno offers a diverse range of cell lines that stably express fluorescent proteins or proteins labeled with fluorescent tags, including GFP, RFP, YFP, luciferase, and others. The stability and effectiveness of these cell lines have undergone rigorous verification. These cell lines enable scientists to observe intracellular localization, protein interactions, and expression profiles, as well as conduct cell screening and track cells in vivo.

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