Customized Cell Line Construction

Customized Cell Line Construction Overview

Cell lines are an important platform for in vitro drug discovery testing. As precision medicine becomes increasingly important, the cell lines we have are not meeting researchers’ needs. For drug developers, establishing more accurate cell lines with specific mutations or resistance that occur clinically is a problem that needs to be solved.

KYinno offers personalized cell line customization services. We have a large library of human and animal tumor cell lines, which provides a basis for us to construct a variety of cell lines. We can establish protein-overexpression cell lines by lentivirus infection or transposon system according to customer needs, establish specific gene knockout, mutation or knock-in cell lines by CRISPR-Cas9 technology, and establish reporter cell lines for membrane proteins, signaling pathways or transcription factors using luciferase, HiBiT, fluorescent protein and other reporter genes. We can also meet customers’ various composite needs, such as a reporter cell line with a certain gene knocked out, or a gene-edited cell line with in situ knock-in fluorescent tags with reporting functions.

Our customized cell lines all have standardized operating procedures. First, we introduce lentivirus or plasmids into the target cells, then obtain polyclonal pool through antibiotic killing or fluorescence sorting, then seed the polyclonal pool into 96-well plates to get single clones, and finally verify the single clones to get the target cell line. Each cell line will also undergo quality testing to ensure that the cells are free of pathogen contamination and STR sequencing is correct.

Build Your Own Cell Line