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Reporter Cell Line Line Overview

Reporter cell lines are extensively utilized in the study of gene expression regulation, signal transduction pathways, receptor-ligand interactions, and enable researchers to track intracellular signal transduction. They can be employed to monitor signal transduction induced by small molecules or cytokines, investigate interactions between ligands and receptors, track the targets of drugs, small molecules, polypeptides, and antibodies for drug screening and new drug discovery, and study the mechanisms of protein and ligand activity.

Kyinno offers more than 150 reporter cell lines, encompassing various signaling pathways such as NF-κB, NFAT, GPCR, cAMP, etc., utilizing different reporter genes like GFP, RFP, luciferase, etc. We also provide a selection of cell lines that stably express various fluorescent proteins or luciferase, providing scientists with customizable options for their research needs. We have verified the stability, accuracy, and functional effectiveness of these cell lines to meet our clients’ requirements for direct application in the study of gene promoter activity, signaling pathways, ligand binding, drug screening, and in vivo imaging.

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