Immune Molecule Cell Line

Immune Molecule Cell Line Overview

Tumors and their various products can reshape the tumor microenvironment (TME), leading to the suppression of immune cells within the TME. Antibody drugs have always been a focal point in the field of tumor immunotherapy, garnering significant attention and research efforts. The study of immune-related molecules within cells holds profound significance in comprehending the nature of immune responses and advancing the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of clinical diseases.

Kyinno offers a range of immune molecule cell lines, encompassing various immune molecules such as PD1, IL2RB, IL6, LILRB, IL4R, IL11, BTLA, CD28, CTLA4, HVEM, LIGHT, CD160, CD8, TNFSF14, and more. We also provide scientists with customizable options for their research needs. We have rigorously verified the stability, accuracy, and functional effectiveness of these cell lines to meet our clients’ requirements for direct application in the study of signaling pathways, ligand binding, drug screening, and related areas.

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