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Gene Editing Cell Line Overview

Since the emergence of CRISPR gene editing technology in 2012, it has become the preferred choice of scientists worldwide due to its simplicity, specificity, and high efficiency. In 2020, researchers working on the CRISPR system were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. CRISPR gene editing technology has been utilized to explore biological functions, analyze gene information, and provide strategic support for humanity in the fight against diseases and in the design of crops. In recent years, CRISPR technology has also undergone a series of improvements, including reduced off-target effects, increased editing sites, and more efficient delivery methods, which will have a lasting and profound impact on scientific research, agriculture, and the medical field.

Kyinno offers more than 200 various CRISPR gene-editing cell lines, encompassing knockout and knockin cells, along with customized services for researchers. Our gene-edited cell lines can be employed in the exploration of protein or RNA biological functions, drug screening, synthetic lethal research, and numerous other applications. Additionally, we can employ pegRNA and prime editing, as well as lipid nano-particle (LNP) technology, to perform multi-site editing simultaneously, enhancing gene editing efficiency while minimizing off-target effects.

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