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Kyinno is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) with decades of experience. We provide in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, cell line engineering, therapeutic target identification, and groundbreaking antibody discovery services.

About Kyinno

KYinno is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) providing customized services of in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, cell line engineering, therapeutic target identification, and antibody discovery powered by its unique proprietary assets of 3000+ engineered cell lines, bispecific and tri-specific antibody discovery mouse models, 5000-antibody specificity screening MPSA-AB5000 panel, and the KY-AITM antibody development artificial intelligence platform. See some of our most innovative offers below:

Engineering cell line

Engineering cell line construction: High quality, fully validated, cost effective, short turnaround time cell line construction.

In vitro and in vivo

In vitro and in vivo pharmacology: over 3000 engineered cell lines in house, one-stop solution from in vitro to in vivo studies.


Antibody discovery: bispecific, tri-specific antibody discovery technology, KY-CLCTM and KY-HCTM transgenic mice platform.

Membrane Proteins Screening Array-AB5000

5000+ human membrane proteins screening. Featuring high-sensitive, high-throughput, low false negative rate.


Engineered Cell Lines

We maintain a diverse cell bank with thousands of engineered cell lines and mouse tumor models, continually expanding with over 1,000 new cell lines yearly. We offer tailored, stable cell line development to meet your unique requirements.

Kinase Cell Lines

Kinase Cell Line is a specialized service offering genetically engineered cell lines for studying kinase-related cellular processes, enabling research and drug development in a controlled laboratory environment.

Immune Molecule Cell Lines

Immune Molecule Cell Line provides researchers with custom-designed cell lines engineered to express specific immune molecules, facilitating in-depth studies of immune system functions and therapeutic developments.

Gene Editing Cell Lines

Gene Editing Cell Line​ offers customizable cell lines modified using advanced gene editing techniques, empowering researchers to investigate genetic mechanisms, disease modeling, and therapeutic development with precision and efficiency.

Drug Resistant Cell Lines

Unlock new horizons in drug research with our Drug Resistant Cell Line​ service. Engineered for resistance, these cells enable robust investigations into drug efficacy, mechanisms, and resistance development.

Human Cell Lines

Our Human Cell Line​ service offers authentic and versatile human cell models, fostering breakthroughs in biomedical research, drug development, and disease understanding for scientists and researchers worldwide.

Animal Cell Lines

Explore diverse research possibilities with our Animal Cell Line​ services. Our collection of animal cell lines supports investigations in various fields, from cancer biology to drug discovery and beyond.


Membrane Proteins Screening Array-AB5000

Antibodies, CAR-T cells, and other biopharmaceuticals rely on the specificity of their target binding, which is a critical factor in assessing the quality of these drugs.

Ba/F3 Kinase Cell Lines

Kinases regulate nearly all aspects of cellular activities, and alterations in their expression or gene mutations can lead to the development of cancer and other diseases.

Heavy Chain Antibody

Nanobodies, primarily derived from camelid animals, have become a hotspot in antibody-drug development, owing to their small molecular weight and ease of modification. We have developed the KY-HC-mouse, a naturally light-chain deficient mouse that produces solely heavy-chain antibodies.

Common Light Chain Antibody

Bi-specific antibody (BsAb) is an attractive therapeutic antibody format for treating different diseases. The matching of light chains is the central issue of BsAb manufacturing. Here we developed a Common Light Chain mouse named KY-CLC-mouse. KY-CLC-mouse has no λ light chain expression with an identical κ light chain. The mouse was validated by developing different monoclonal antibodies against various antigens with an identical light chain and high affinity.

Innopedia Database

Innopedia is a robust database designed to provide researchers with enhanced research tools and data support. The database offers browsing, searching, and analytical capabilities for tumor cell lines, engineered cell lines, and standard antibodies.